I highly recommend a session with Sunny & Kristy! I had a virtual healing with them today and am blown away!!! Everything that Sunny intuitively picked up on about what I’m going through was so right on! Sunny was very specific about things happening in my life and in my body, and helped to guide me into a deeper understanding of the source of my pain. I could sense the Holy Spirit working with them as they prayed for me, interceding on my behalf. I felt Jesus’ healing hands working on me to restore my physical and mental health. Sunny & Kristy were so compassionate and understanding! They had truly genuine loving concern for my well-being and guided me through my specific situations giving valuable, biblical wisdom. I have hope again and haven’t felt this light hearted, this confident in a long time! I truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Thank You Jesus for healing me and the gifts of the Holy Spirit that you’ve given Sunny & Kristy! I’m so grateful! I want to shout it from the rooftops! God bless you! And all those you help! 

~Amy procop (Anza, CA)




"I feel a major difference so far, like a lot of weight of emotional burdens lifted off my shoulders and my heart is feeling more open."


~Marcia Martin (Moraga, CA)

"Working with Sunny and Kristy was an amazing experience.
After the session I had a true lifting of spirit that I can still call on weeks after. The things they told me about myself and my energy resonated with me in ways only I would know. Their genuine care for me, for my soul, was apparent from the start, and the after care they have provided was essential to my healing. I would absolutely call on 1.11 Healing for my soul’s health. It was an incredible experience."


~Sammatha Dupré, San Diego CA

"The day I met Kristy and Sunny for a session was a great day! They were so welcoming and friendly. They explained the treatment to me, made sure I was comfortable and asked if I had any questions. Their studio was so relaxing and peaceful with calming music and aromas. They started the healing session and communicated with me the whole time. I left with uplifting energy and a positive new attitude toward life." 

~Ameni Rtazi, Brentwood CA