What to expect from an energetic healing from Sunny: 

Every session begins with a prayer of protection and guidance from our Lord Jesus.  Sunny then moves into feeling the energy of the client and verbalizing important messages that come up. Next, energetic work is done to remove blocks and bring deeper awareness into the body and any ailments.  Blocks and stagnant energy get moved out to be transmuted by God.  This is a time of compassion and awareness as all messages and lessons are held in a loving and safe space. Every session ends with a Chakra and energy alignment as well as a prayer of protection.  

Sunny often uses spiritual tools such as pendulum, tuning forks, and crystals.  But, much of the work is done within the strength of intuition and inner guidance as the energy of Gods loving light is deeply at work with every session.

There is a wide scope of those who have benefitted from this work, including those with emotional trauma, those with physical ailments who needed detection of such ailments, those in need of chakra openings, those in need of medical intuition, those with childhood trauma, those in need of breaking current day negative habits and reestablishing positive life habits and joyful patterns, and those who have emotional scars who feel trapped by such scars.

It is highly recommended to do multiple treatments in order to optimizeas a life changing breakthrough into a new energetic higher field.